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Our Signature Group Coaching Program:

Femme Powered Mastermind Executive Coaching

Don’t spend another day second guessing yourself about being the successful leader you are!

Master the 6 Power Pillars of success in our signature group coaching program with LIVE sessions from Stacey Hines


Did you know that because of the pandemic women experienced serious damage to work, health and home life?

Have you ever wondered why our happiness levels are declining despite the significant amount of progress that has been made in gaining equity, greater support and opportunities? We believe it’s because women don’t have the tools and coaching necessary to navigate the new challenges that came along with these opportunities. 

Can you relate to any of these:

⚡ You wake up wishing you could continue snoozing so you didn’t have to face work

⚡ You’re working hard but not sure of the impact you’re really making in the world

⚡ You’ve experienced success on different levels but now you can’t seem to satisfy your boss, your team or yourself

⚡ You feel buried with work requests and at the same time guilty about not having enough time for yourself, your family, your kids or your love partner

⚡ Everyday you go through all the motions in the boardroom or office but have moments where you feel low confidence, disconnection or just plain tired

⚡ You find yourself complaining about anything and everything without the hope of finding joy or peace of mind

Don't let stress take away the joy, freedom and impact of your success. Too many women in leadership are struggling from burnout, disconnection from their bosses, poor team performance or low job satisfaction.


Imagine this!

⚡ Waking up with a feeling that everything is possible for you

⚡ Joyfully starting your day with a soul stirring energy and handling everything that comes your way with ease. 

⚡ Experiencing a team that feels connected, engaged and ready to outperform their deliverable.

⚡ Having insightful conversations with your boss where you feel aligned and on target with your goal.

⚡ Feeling satisfied and blissful  from your self care practices, knowing that you’ve released the guilt and shame of taking time away from the demands of work

These are just examples of the experience that awaits you on the other side of this coaching mastermind!


Meet Your Mastermind Coach Stacey Hines

Stacey is a C-Suite Strategist and a formally trained business and leadership coach. She’s been supporting female C-Suite, senior leaders and other execs in companies in the U.S., Canada & the Caribbean for the past several years. Now, she continues to do so everyday in her company as a Tech Boss & Chief Transformation Strategist.

Stacey is all too familiar with failing at life and hiding behind the facade of “everything is great” and “I have it all together”. Her frantic work and life pace eventually led to cancer, divorce and depression and ultimately, the decision to find a way to help others elevate themselves out of similar challenges.

Throughout her roles in corporate, she provided coaching to executives and led teams to achieve successful transformation goals in both their personal and professional lives. She has since founded her dream company Epic Transformation with the intention of supporting women like you with achieving success without the stress, overwhelm and toxic relationships.

Stacey’s philosophy “Transformation is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality” guides the direction of the programs she creates. Through her books, courses, events and podcast she provides opportunities to access the next best version of yourself supported by the power of intention.

Who’s This For?

⚡ You know deep inside that you are ready to feel more fulfilled in how you are experiencing working and leading

⚡ You’re ready to get off the hamster wheel of work and worry.. more work and worry some more

⚡ You have a desire to step into a more confident style of leading yourself and others

⚡ You are ready to release the stress, overwhelm and toxic relationships that no longer serve you at work or in the rest of your life

⚡ You want to understand why you’re struggling with your boss, your team or your colleagues and then do something about it

⚡ You want to access more time, money and peace of mind

Who’s This NOT For?

⚡ You have no need to level up in your leadership or life

⚡ You’re clear on all the blocks you’re experiencing with leadership and know how to shift them

⚡ You understand when and how to use different leadership styles to get the outcomes you want from your team 

⚡ Your intention for living out your impact is already underway


This Mastermind creates an opportunity to access tools that you can immediately use to restore confidence, peace of mind, and joy to ALL areas of your leadership life.

Mastery Level #1

Leading with Intention

We align insights on the cornerstone leadership capabilities with the core needs for creating capacity: wealth, health, wellness and presence!

Mastery Level #2

Leading with Abundance

We expand our perception of abundance in the context of innovation and creativity; creating the fun side of work and the many gifts of feminine energy

Mastery Level #3

Leading with Power

We focus on core power elements:leadership style and power; organizational structure dynamics; self-worth; negotiating; confidence and self-acceptance

Mastery Level #4

Leading with Heart 

We demystify love in the context of work; relationship management; harnessing the power of inner peace, empathy and compassion to unlock success in teams and those you support

Mastery Level #5

Leading with Voice

We explore effective communication both verbal & non-verbal; authentic self expression and creating space for others in particular leaders, direct reports and colleagues

Mastery Level #6

A Masterful Leaders Mindset

We focus on the function of intellect; development of strategic thinking and the impact of existing programming or habits on your competence and focus

Are You Ready for the Transformation?

You can create success without stress.