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Over 53% of Women Experience High Stress at Work & Lack The Success They Desire

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You can find your way to your best self even though you feel lost in this moment. The tools and resources that I share with you have been carefully curated based on my own experiences in transforming my career, wealth, health, love life, parenting and lifestyle.

The Femme Powered Academy is a business and life success platform and community for women who lead. We help you to develop your leadership skills and business acumen, overcome your fears and create intentional impact by living the life you deserve. Are you ready to own your power, optimize your presence and build mental resilience?


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Hi, I’m Stacey and my mission is to help you have more success without the stress.

I believe women can have it all! The world is definitely a better place when women are living, loving and leading from a place of wellness. After a total life collapse with cancer, depression and divorce, I had to re-evaluate what I was living for and my intention for this gift of life that I've been given. 

Now, as a C-Suite executive and an entrepreneur I help high performance successful career women learn how to create and maintain life balance. I share expert insights from myself and others through my podcast, coaching, events and training programs. Our tools and resources help you avoid overwhelm and burn-out and truly enjoy your success while living stress-free.


Which Program Is Best For You?

Women Who Lead

Designed with a female approach to being CEO in mind, you will acquire the keys to mastering your leadership power, executive presence and mental resilience. This mastery will help you to create epic success with less stress. Be the boss of your boardroom, bedroom and bliss!


Women Seeking Balance

Living with Intention is the key to manifesting the life of your dreams. We explore the principles of attraction to help you get to the life you desire. You will learn how to create a lifestyle that will give you more balance in a way that is perfect for you.


Women Who Are Founders

A female focused accelerator and fund designed for the Caribbean founder. This program is based on a proven digital bootcamp and is geared towards empowering, educating and enabling success through strategic planning and financial access.



Michelle Anderson

COO, British Caribbean Insurance

"Now that I am promoted to C-Suite, I want to thank Stacey for her mentorship and advice on how to "show up" as a woman in leadership. Before I was an executive, Stacey told me 'Your first impression as a leader is very important in every setting - each time you speak, enter a room, lead a meeting.'. This stayed with me. In every interaction, I put my best foot forward."

Ashley Johnson

Atlanta Based Founder & CEO of Fitness Company

“When Stacey speaks she is very straight-forward, she doesn’t sugarcoat what she is saying, her message is clear and very helpful!
It was right on time as I’m going through a transition in my life and taking things to the next level. This workshop came exactly when I needed it!”

Joamie Tweed

Founder of Tweed Business Solutions (Strategy & Consulting)

"Stacey has taught me that no matter what role you take in an organization, people will always remember the experience you create for them as a leader. Being aware of areas of growth can maximize your impact and allow you to reach desired goals at an accelerated pace."