About Femme Powered Academy 

This is more than just a digital platform. We are a community of like minded women who are ready for a new kind of success lifestyle. We discuss often overlooked tools to build on your success as a woman in corporate and entrepreneurial leadership. You will learn how to create quantum leaps in success by overcoming common fears like imposter syndrome and managing gender dynamics, enhancing your physical and virtual presence and fortifying your mental resilience at a time when work is increasingly challenging for women.

More About Stacey

Hi I'm Stacey, founder of my consulting company Epic Transformation and curator of The Femme Powered experience. I'm so thrilled that you landed on my page! I could write the book on "What NOT to do to HAVE IT ALL!!!" and guess what? I did! In my memoir 5 Year Love Affair, I basically chronicle the drama that my life became when I was trying to have a badass career as a tech executive, AND be an amazing wife, mother, sister girlfriend, world traveler and everything in between. So what happened??? I lost it ALL! Well... thankfully not my children. But, I went through a MAJOR life collapse including cancer, mental illness, divorce and feeling like a total imposter in many areas.

So what do I know about being a #badassboss and having harmony and balance?
Well, my current role is in the C-Suite of my own company where I am responsible for supporting businesses in their digital transformation. I serve on multiple boards for the private sector and government and Strategist for two high value companies in real estate and education.

Toss that around with being a full time mom of 3 and bonus mom of 2, a Mentor, a published Author and a public speaker. Whew!

And yep - you guessed it! I travel often, meditate, practice yoga, eat delicious goodness and go to the gym. Do I always get life right? I get better at it everyday and I'm committed to helping other professional women find their balance too...